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About us

     The company Fibili was founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic. The founding partners can
benefit from long-standing experience, being the owners of a spring production company
in Italy.

     Our presence in the region is a valuable support to the numerous and large industries that
emerged after the fall of the regime in the 1990s, due to a large demand in the various
sectors of the automotive industry.


     We are a small company, a dynamic one, well-equipped and up-to-date in our technical
equipment. In our production we make use only of modern automatic CNC machines, by
which. we can offer our customers, along with the great experience we have behind us, a
service that is very appreciated and efficient.


     Within our service we provide fast measurements, cycles testing and technical solutions
according to customer requirements. Our priority is the customer satisfaction for high
quality standard, prompt response and timely deliveries.


     Our flexibility allows us to perform smaller as well as very bulk production of springs of any

  • Compression and traction (up to 6 mm wire dia,)

  • Torsion  (up to 4 mm wire dia,)

  • Formatted (up to 4 mm wire dia,)


     The kind of raw materials (patented) that we usually work with: aluminium, bronze, inox and
carbon wire.

      Quality standard is ensured through the regular independent audits of BS EN ISO

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